Moog MF Trem review

Because bigger is sometimes better

  • £165
  • €189
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Our Verdict

A beastly, feature-packed pedal.


  • Lots of fun.


  • May be confusing if you don’t read the manual first!

Approaching this beast of a pedal, it helps to have read the manual, as what all the knobs do - and how they react to one another - might not be immediately obvious. 

The shape knob allows you to sweep between a slow rise, fast fall setting and the reverse, with a standard optical trem sound lying somewhere in between. 

Other than a tone to filter the frequencies being effected, the only other controls are depth and speed. 

Phasing and lush uni-vibe style effects are possible, however, and the addition of expression control over speed makes this mode probably the most fun you can have with the pedal. 

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Tech Specs

FeaturesTrue bypass