“An excellent multi-effects module, catering for live use and a range of genres”: Modbap Modular Per4mer review

Is this live-focused module a star performer?

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Modbap Modular Per4mer
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MusicRadar Verdict

An excellent multi-effects module, catering for live use and a range of genres. Plus it contains a few hidden gems feature-wise.


  • +

    Immediacy of effects for live use.

  • +

    You get a lot of effects for 14hp.

  • +

    The colour options sound joyfully retro.

  • +

    Modbap Modular is very responsive to user queries or feedback.


  • -

    Patch point placement not ideal for some users.

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Modbap Modular Per4mer: What is it?

It may be relatively new to the scene, but Modbap Modular is already making waves. Its initial range of modules includes Per4mer, a DJ-inspired multi-effects device, with live play as a focus.

To accommodate the performance aspect, the design of the module is dominated by four arcade-style buttons, each of which can be used in momentary or latched mode. These can be activated in any combo of one to four effects at any given time. It’s oddly satisfying bashing those buttons and it adds a playful nature to a modular system that can otherwise lack playability.

But if you prefer to patch than bash, Per4mer has you covered too, with CV gate inputs for the four effects as well as separate CV inputs for the four knobs that are used for setting the effect’s attributes; things like wet/dry mix, time/clock division and pitch etc. There are other attributes such as envelope attack and release but these can only be altered with a shift/knob combo, rather than CV. However, in most cases that won’t ever be an issue.

Physically Per4mer makes a lot of sense. It’s tactile, well labelled and logical but some may not appreciate the patch points being on the bottom. The options here are to install upside down but that leaves labelling flipped too. A better solution would be to use 90-degree patch cables, reducing irritating cable clutter and easing access to the buttons.

Modbap Modular Per4mer

(Image credit: Modbap Modular)

Modbap Modular Per4mer: Performance and verdict

The effects on offer start with a delay, with wet/dry, delay time, feedback and low-pass filter (for the delays, not the original audio). Delays sound somewhat digital in a good way. Clear and clean. Next up is a lush-sounding reverb with wet/dry, reverb time, decay and pre-delay. Reverbs can be short and subtle right the way through to almost shimmery and spacey. Then there’s Glitch, which again has a wet/dry control, a clock division, plus or minus two octaves and forward or reverse. The glitch effect is pretty cool and allows for on-the-fly mashing of incoming audio. The last of the four button-triggered effects is Tape Stop, with controls for wet/dry, stop speed, stop curve shape and low-pass cutoff. The range of speeds is impressive here with super short, almost clicky stops and nearly seconds-long ones. 

Also onboard is a compressor with sidechaining and a colour button, possibly Per4mer’s secret weapon. This takes the output signal (which is stereo) and adds further effects to it. These can only be applied singularly but all eight sound lush and lo-fi. Modes are signified by a coloured LED and include Classic, Lo-fi, Saturation and a couple of vinyl effects, noises and filters.

Lastly, there are patch points for clock in and sidechain, plus two inputs, rounding off a pretty comprehensive module.

All sounds and colours can be dialled in from subtle to (possibly) absurd. Dial in chillwave or add a little retro flavour to house patches and start bashing buttons. Lots of scope for modulation, either manually or via CV, makes this a versatile effects unit. Well done Modbap!

MusicRadar verdict: An excellent multi-effects module, catering for live use and a range of genres. Plus it contains a few hidden gems feature-wise.

Modbap Modular Per4mer: Hands-on demos

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Modbap Modular Per4mer: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: 4 effects plus sidechain compressor, Arcade-style physical triggers and CV inputs, Clock input, Colour button for extra effects.
  • CONTACT: Modbap Modular