KRK GoAux 3 and 4 review

Need to take your monitors with you? We check out a new solution from KRK

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KRK GoAux series
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MusicRadar Verdict

KRK’s GoAux monitor is great for those on the move or short of space. The extra features are what take it into really noteworthy territory.


  • +

    Sold as a complete kit with padded travel case.

  • +

    Simple and adjustable table top stands.

  • +

    Overall good sonics for size.

  • +

    GoAux 4 includes integrated room correction feature.

  • +

    Front mounted level control and headphone output.


  • -

    Sound lacks the fullness of larger nearfields.

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KRK GoAux series: What is it?

GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 are the new on-the-go speakers from KRK and each kit comprises a pair of monitors in a padded travel case with space for all the extras. 

The GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 use a 1” fabric dome tweeter coupled with 3” and 4” glass aramid woofers respectively, and the classic KRK yellow colour scheme is in full effect. Each speaker has an adjustable stand, is Bluetooth capable, has built-in EQ (HF and LF), onboard headphone output and front-mounted standby switch/level control.

Like a number of compact monitors, each GoAux pair uses common amplification (Class D). One loudspeaker (the left) essentially has all the input connectivity, power, settings, amplifier, volume control and headphone output, and the other is a remote unit linked via a lead, which in this case is a pretty robust and surprisingly long (4.5 metre) proprietary 4 core cable. 

KRK GoAux series

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For physical inputs, both designs include RCA and 1/8” minijack, and GoAux 4 also has 1/4” TRS jacks and USB (B type). So, armed with a regular A-type to B-type USB cable you can connect the GoAux 4 directly to a computer, selecting the KRK Realtek driver as your output device. The GoAux 4 also includes ARC – automatic room correction – which we’ll discuss below.

Both GoAux sizes include bespoke tabletop stands, which you bolt to the underside of the monitor. These incorporate simple adjustment that facilitates the correct upward angle, and we found these easy to use. Regarding EQ, both bands have three positions (boost, cut and flat) with respective soft switches. The buttons cycle around the settings, and LED indicators show the setting, which is handy in the dark.

KRK GoAux series

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KRK GoAux series: Performance and verdict

Much like other quality compact monitors we’ve tried, both GoAux models deliver a very workable sound. 

High frequencies, even when boosted using the EQ, are not unpleasant

The high frequencies even when boosted using the EQ are not unpleasant and the mid and upper mid-range is reasonably forward. The rear-ported configuration enhances the low end enough so you don’t feel they lack punch, but the low mid region doesn’t have the same presence as a larger monitor. 

It’s not a deal breaker as the overall delivery is very good, it’s just something you need to adapt to when moving from more traditional near-field-sized monitors. 

As mentioned, GoAux 4 includes automatic room correction (ARC). To get started, plug the included lavalier-style mic into the front of the left speaker, clipping it to you while you sit in your monitoring sweet spot. 

Selecting the rear-mounted ARC button activates the low-frequency test tone cycle and once completed ARC applies a corrective curve. You can then use the same button to switch the correction on and off. 

In our space, the difference was noticeable but not dramatic, but the outcome made sense, particularly having heard the peaks and troughs in the low-frequency tone cycle.  

Overall KRK has done a good job with GoAux, delivering compact and portable monitors with a very workable sound.

MusicRadar verdict: KRK’s GoAux monitor is great for those on the move or short of space. The extra features are what take it into really noteworthy territory.

KRK GoAux series: The web says

"For content creators, musicians, students and audio pros who are both on-the-go and on a budget, the GoAux 3 system offers a good value for the money, providing solid audio in a very compact, movable form."

KRK GoAux series: Hands-on demos

KRK Music


Archie Beatz

Jands Pty Ltd

KRK GoAux series: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: Freq Response: 60Hz-22kHz (-10dB SPL) (3), 55Hz-22kHz (-10dB SPL) (4) Amplification: Class D 22W per LF, 8W per HF (3), 33W per LF, 17W per HF (4) Max SPL: 105dB SPL (3), 108dB SPL (4) Crossover: 2.5kHz. 
  • DIMENSIONS: 111x120x172mm (3), 136x140x205mm (4)
  • WEIGHT: 3.15kg/pair (3), 4.3kg/pair (4).
  • PRICE: £349 (3), £429 (4).