HoRNet DeeLay Plus review

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HoRNet’s nifty plugin delivers a hell of a lot of delay action for the money.


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    Easy to use.

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A dual delay unit with both lines freely pan-able from their default left/right positioning and able to feed back into each other, DeeLay Plus is flexible and easy to use.

6dB/octave low- and high-pass filters, vintage analogue converter emulation, and a distortion effect in the feedback loop bring the colour and noise, while a pair of LFOs (0.1-10Hz; Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw) are each independently assignable to the Left and Right Time and Feedback parameters for an endless continuum of modulation possibilities, from glitchy to dubbed-out. 

The display at the top shows input and output levels over time - pretty if not particularly useful. 

The freedom DeeLay Plus gives in terms of the stereo positioning and feedback of its two modules is central to its character, along with that simple-but-powerful modulation setup. We’d have liked a few more filter slopes, and the ability to modulate their cutoff frequencies, but even without those, HoRNet’s nifty plugin delivers a hell of a lot of delay action for the money. 

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