T-Rex Duck Tail dynamic delay

Duck it and see

  • £230
  • $399
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Our Verdict

Concentrating on just three extremely usable delay types, the Duck Tail offers simplicity of operation combined with classy sound.


  • Three types of delay in one box. Very playable Duck mode.


  • Nothing.

The Duck Tail offers what T-Rex calls its classic delay sound, plus a very tasty tape delay emulation, but it gets its name from the ducking delay mode that keeps the delay in the background for a less cluttered sound.


In Duck mode, you control the amount of delay you get via picking dynamics - a light attack gives you a full delay but you get less delay if you pick harder, while a sensitivity knob sets it up to suit your playing. This is beautifully implemented and lets you 'play' the delays, with the repeats clearly coming in during quiet passages.