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Rotosound ATC-10 Guitar Tuner & Chord Finder review

  • £17.95
Rotosound's ATC-10 Guitar Tuner & Chord Finder clamps to the neck of your instrument.

Our Verdict

Simple chord-finding process - and the added bonus of a tuner makes this a useful accessory for songwriters and strummers.


  • More than just a tuner.


  • No shortage of competitors.

In an effort to stand out from a seemingly endless selection of clip-on guitar tuners, Rotosound has put a little extra thought into its own offering and included a comprehensive chord finder.

The first button selects the chord letter or root, while the 'Maj/Min' button scrolls through major, minor, diminished, augmented and suspended. Finally, use the '7th-9th' button to narrow your search down to the more obscure shapes.