Mooer ElecLady review

An EHX-'inspired' mini flanger

  • £59
  • €87
  • $99
The ElecLady shares something in sound and, coincidentally, looks with Electro-Harmonix's Electric Mistress flanger

MusicRadar Verdict

The ElecLady provides 70s-style flanging at about one-sixth of the usual size.


  • +

    Compact size. Filter mode. Familiar sound.


  • -

    Color knob gets a bit extreme. Small black knobs not ideal for onstage tweaking.

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No prizes for guessing where the Eleclady derives her inspiration - the pedal even has its name in the same font as Electro-Harmonix's Electric Mistress, and features the same controls, with knobs for Color, Rate and Range, and a switch for filter and normal modes: cheeky.


The E-HX analogue flanger sound is well represented here - even that signature metallic whine you get when switching a Mistress to Filter Matrix mode.

It's not exactly the same, of course - those tiny knobs don't make subtle setting up easy, and the Color knob goes a little too far and can make an unholy racket - but the flavour is unmistakable.

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