LAG Tramontane T66DCE review

  • £265
The natural High Gloss finish with Honey Mahogany sides, back and neck.

MusicRadar Verdict

The T66DCE is hard to fault, a textbook example of acoustic sound-over-spec sheet. It's satin neck is a joy to play and it is acoustically superb.


  • +

    Contemporary look. Full-bodied sound across the spectrum.


  • -

    No built-in tuner.

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Lag's seemingly relentless desire to squeeze as much tone and playability into a guitar as possible raises a cocky middle finger to its price tag.

The T66DCE is the entry-level model in the Tramontane series, and forgoes the solid top of its more expensive siblings. It's finished in a natural High Gloss, with Honey Mahogany sides, back, and neck.

You get that elusive sparkly resonance at the top end, with a full-bodied sound across the rest of the spectrum."

The headstock looks quite orange, but black hardware, plus black and ivory binding, offset it to achieve a contemporary look.

The electronics come in the form of a Shadow-built DirectLag preamp and NanoFlex piezo pickup. The preamp doesn't have a tuner built in, offering Treble and Bass controls, as well as a Dynamics slider for shaping your midrange. There are also Phase and Mute switches.

Acoustically, the T66DCE comes out with its fists up. You get that elusive sparkly resonance at the top end, with a full-bodied sound across the rest of the spectrum.

Put it through the amp and you'll realise how useful the Dynamics slider can be. It takes you from a tidy, controlled scoop to accented pick attack.

Stuart Williams

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