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Jetter Tritium review

  • £159
  • $209.95

Our Verdict

This is a versatile, natural sounding overdrive that can go from clean boost to fully driven amp territory with a tone control that works over just the right range of frequencies.


  • Sensitive dynamic response. Range of natural overdrive. Compact size.


  • Four-screw battery access.

The Tritium's particular flavour of overdrive comes, according to Jetter, as a result of what was learned while developing Jetdrive and Helium pedals.

And in this example, transparency of sound and touch sensitivity are the primary concerns.


The Tritium is a delight to play through, being very responsive to pick attack so you can dig in for more grind.

There's also a lot more gain on tap here than in the Helium, covering all shades of dirt up until a maxed out drive knob provides a harmonically rich sound that's well suited to lead work.

How hear the Jetter Tritium in action...