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Dr Green The Waiting Room review

Delay pedal doseage

  • £149
The Waiting Room strips the delay pedal concept down to its basics

Our Verdict

An easily dialled-in analogue- style delay.


  • Solid build. Repeats blend nicely. Great sound.


  • No control of the tone of the repeats.

One endearing thing about Dr Green pedals (built in the UK by amp-maker Hayden) is their simplicity, with minimal switching and knobbage. We might be used to delay pedals with a range of types, but sometimes you need just one good sound.

"The Waiting Room's sound is akin to the analogue delays of old"

The Waiting Room is a single-sound delay with controls for the delay volume, delay time and repeats, with a max delay time of up to half a second (500ms).


While digital at its heart, the Waiting Room's sound is more akin to the analogue delays of old, with successive repeats having a bit of an edge to them - degrading rather than staying pristine, and blending well into your signal.