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Fender Bubbler Chorus review

Preaching to the choir

  • £119
  • €111
  • $149
(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

It won't get too crazy, but for subtle chorus sounds, this is one of the best analogue pedals you can buy.


  • Classic BBD tones
  • Speed footswitch
  • Stereo outputs


  • Excels at subtle rather than more extreme sounds

The Bubbler Chorus might not be the most exciting pedal in the Fender pedal line-up, but that doesn’t mean it’s without a trick up its sleeve. 

Despite appearances, it’s a fully analogue, bucket-brigade chorus with stereo outs, which means it’s something of a budget alternative to pedals like the excellent Boss DC-2 reissue.

In that vein, it’s got an excellent retro chorus sound, which when pulled back toward something more subtle, and in the triangle rather than sine-wave mode, put us in mind of Alex Lifeson’s guitar sound on The Spirit Of Radio.

It also has two speed settings that you can switch between - a nice touch.