Eve Audio SC2070 monitor review

Looking for some pro monitors? We plug up the new two-way design from Eve Audio

  • £1,058 each
Eve Audio SC2070
(Image: © Future)

MusicRadar Verdict

A pro monitor that delivers an impressively big, open sound for its size, with plenty of EQ options to tailor it to your space


  • +

    Big open sound.

  • +

    Flexible EQ options.

  • +

    Handy front-mounted Smart-Knob.

  • +

    Reasonably compact.


  • -

    No ¼” TRS input.

  • -


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Eve Audio SC2070 : What is it?

Eve Audio produces a range of mid-priced and pro-level studio monitors that retail from about £500 per pair upwards. 

The SC2070 is a new 2-way addition to its flagship range, which also includes the 3-way SC3070 and 4-way SC4070. Its rear-ported design combines a 6.5” woofer with a new version of its AMT (Air Motion Transformer) ribbon tweeter. 

At 345mm high, it’s compact enough to be a near-field, but with plenty of power under the hood and decent low-frequency extension, it could easily handle mid-field or multichannel duties. 

Like other SC monitors, the SC2070 includes a multi-function front-mounted Smart-Knob. Round the back are the mains input, three dip switches (see below) and two analogue inputs (phono and XLR). Alas, there’s no ¼” TRS jack input. 

Visually the SC2070 looks a lot like the SC207, but at over twice the price, the SC2070 is a very different proposition. The new purpose-built RS7 tweeter has a much larger diaphragm size (1.5 times the size of other typical Eve tweeters) and with the crossover set quite low (1.8kHz) it handles more of the mid-range. 

While we’re talking tech, the 6.5” woofer uses a low-distortion copper cap magnet system and a stiff but light honeycomb cone material for precise, low-distortion delivery. Each driver gets its own Class D amp (150W LF, 100W HF) providing plenty of oomph. 

Eve Audio SC2070 : Performance and verdict

Like other Eve monitors and many competitor designs, the SC2070 incorporates onboard AD conversion (24-bit/192kHz BurrBrown) and DSP, which then feeds into the Class D amps. 

The DSP handles all settings including soft start, EQ and volume, and all are accessed from the Smart-Knob. The flexible EQ includes high and low shelves (at 3kHz and 300Hz respectively) and bell-shaped mid band (1kHz). 

A further desktop filter offers a narrow band cut at 170Hz (for desktop reflections) and a bell-shaped boost at 80Hz, for added punch. All bands offer +3dB gain and either -3 or -5dB cut. The rear dip switches can lock the EQ and volume settings.

As you’d expect, the SC2070 build quality is excellent, and these monitors are also quite hefty for their size (9.4kg each). Sonically, they sound very open, and this has as much to do with the mid-range precision as it does with the higher frequencies. 

In fact, they were a little too bright so I used a -1dB high shelf cut. Working through various sounds and mixes, the SC2070 delivered a consistently big sound. The bass extension is also very good (-3dB at 38Hz) and they can go pretty loud as well. 

Eve Audio SC2070

(Image credit: Future)

In terms of imaging, the sweet spot is also quite broad. All pretty promising. One thing we would say is that the mid-range is quite forward, and this is particularly obvious for distorted electric guitars. we’d certainly use the monitor mid-band cut if we were regularly mixing rock tracks.    

These are excellent monitors, delivering a big, detailed, revealing sound. Significantly you’ve also got plenty of tweaking options if you need them. That said, they’re clearly quite expensive and at this price the competition is stiff, but they should definitely be on your audition list. 

MusicRadar verdict: A pro monitor that delivers an impressively big, open sound for its size, with plenty of EQ options to tailor it to your space.

Eve Audio SC2070 : The web says

"With no bias on the genre and a little nudge to a cinematic feel, the SC2070 felt like a reference monitor I could count on."
Production Expert

Eve Audio SC2070: Hands-on demos

Eve Audio

Eve Audio/Sebastian Breiter

Eve Audio SC2070: Specifications

  • Free field freq range: (-3dB): 38Hz to 25kHz 
  • Drivers: LF 165mm, HF AMT RS7 ribbon 
  • Inputs: XLR and RCA 
  • Amplification: Class D 150W (LF) 100W (HF) EQ Controls: high shelf, low shelf, mid-peak, desk filter 
  • EQ Freq: 3kHz, 300Hz, 1kHz, 170Hz and 80Hz
  • Max SPL: 116dB (per pair) 
  • Crossover: 1.8kHz Size: 230(w) x 345(h) x 304(d)mm 
  • Weight: 9.4kg
  • CONTACT: Eve Audio