Emma DiscumBOBulator review

Discombobulate yourself

  • £159
  • €162
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Our Verdict

A decent pedal let down by a high price tag.


  • Solid core sounds.


  • High price.
  • Large in size.

Despite the large size and higher price, the DiscumBOBulator is a simple offering. 

A boutique auto-wah with plenty of headroom, there’s a toggle button for helping players dial in a tone that suits them, then pots for sensitivity, envelope attack and filter bandwith. The second footswitch offers a boost of up to 10dB, controlled via the marked pot, though the auto-wah is more than punchy enough, especially with the attack up and the width pulled back. 

Instead of a boost control it might have been nice to have had an expression input, but the core sounds are solid.

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