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EBow review

Endless possibilities

  • £119
  • €88
  • $99

MusicRadar Verdict

An absolute joy to use.


  • +

    Tactile and intuitive.


  • -


The EBow, or Energy Bow is a direct development of the mechanics that lead to natural feedback. 

By using an electromagnet, the guitar string is stimulated and an infinitely sustained note can be wrung from the instrument. The EBow is very tactile and intuitive, replacing a guitar pick, and consequently it’s a joy to use, particularly when paired with delay or reverb. 

By moving the bow closer to the selected pickup, or the neck join, different timbres can be created, from smooth swells and subtle drones all the way up to screaming feedback. Whether you’re seeking a creative foil, or just want a new toy, this will likely bring a smile to your face. 

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