Treeworks Chimes review

MultiTree, EchoTree, ZenTree and Classic chimes…

  • £45
Staggered bar lengths mean that they are more 'tuned'

MusicRadar Verdict

This company is certainly fastidious in its design, production concepts and standards and will, we're sure, satisfy all of your chiming needs. Their slogan is, 'Listen. It matters,' and that sums it all up.


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    Strong instruments with sensible lidded cardboard tubes for protection. Refreshing attention to detail in each model.


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    Nothing of note.

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The TreeWorks chimes company from Nashville, Tennessee is dedicated to creating every conceivable set-up you could possibly imagine. The design and build quality of its chimes is unprecedented and, whether you want that Rush intro or more contemporary applications, you'll wonder after hearing them how anything else could compare.


The MultiTree has a unique three-voice option with a solid Tennessee hardwood mantle, strong braided nylon ties and the choice of triangle, finger chime and full chime set. If you need a strong chime sound as well as the other auxiliary sound options, this may be all you need. The beauty of the MultiTree is the versatility of sound choices and the quality of tones each instrument produces.

"The eerie EchoTree has a series of ever-shortening five bar sets that gradually descend in pitch, producing a shrill, almost 'breaking glass' effect. Quite unnerving!"

The eerie EchoTree has a series of ever-shortening five bar sets that gradually descend in pitch, producing a shrill, almost 'breaking glass' effect. Quite unnerving!

TreeWorks offers the choice of double rows of chimes in the ZenTree. This gives you twice the fun with rich sound bars and an almost unlimited cascade if called upon. The staggered lengths of the bars mean that they are more 'tuned'. There is no atonality, no quarter-tones, just a beautiful chord… but one wonders if it only sounds right if it's in the right key with the music.

Moving on to the 10 and 23 bar Classic chimes, the 10 bar is highly controllable and would fit comfortably in larger set-ups and studio applications. Saying that, if you need a broader spread then the larger 23 row chime would be the way to go!

The hand-tied braided nylon ties are super strong, so there will be no worries about losing any chimes in the heat of battle. The aluminium/ titanium bars are heated for many hours to accentuate the bright tone, and when you first hear any of these sets you will be bowled over by their clarity and impressive musicality.

Hands on

Each of the five models are mountable on standard cymbal stands and don't move much when being played due to the strong wooden mantle that also features an attractive hand-rubbed oil finish.

You can get variations on the tones and differing degrees of chime effect by sweeping the body of the chimes themselves or, for a subtler effect, just the resilient nylon ties. The small triangle and finger chime sound just great when played with an included metal beater that is housed in the top of the mantle.