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Tama HP200B review

An excellent bass drum pedal inspired by Tama's flagship Iron Cobras

  • £69
"Iron Cobra Junior"

Our Verdict

A cheaper alternative inspired by Tama's flagship Iron Cobra design is always going to be a winner.


  • Solid, powerful and fast. Comes with a rigid case.


  • Nothing of note.

Dubbed 'Iron Cobra Junior', Tama's HP200B pedal is a solid, powerful piece of gear. Boasting the same Power Glide offset cam found on the road-proven Iron Cobras, the pedal has a wickedly fast action that really propels the beater into the head.

A host of other features borrowed from or inspired by Tama's flagship hardware line complements the pedal, from the Para-Clamp hoop clamp to the spring tension adjustment.

It is also supplied with its own rigid case.