Dream Audio Tools Dream Guitars review

Get that dream tone

  • €34.90

MusicRadar Verdict

Impressive bang for your buck from this treasure trove of six-string treats.


  • +

    Great value.

  • +

    Superb sounds.


  • -

    Text can be tricky to read.

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Dream Audio Tools specialises in affordable Kontakt-based libraries across a range of instruments and styles. 

It has a particularly strong showing in the guitar department (alongside other fretted instruments) and it is here that we test-drive their new Dream Guitars library. 

Dream Guitars (subtitled Cinematic Guitars) consists of various types of fully playable guitar processed through a custom effects engines. The raw samples are taken from recordings of hammered and tremolando playing on acoustic and electric guitar.

Basic control is provided by the volume envelope and two filters, though a depth control would be a helpful addition to the filter envelope. Things get more interesting with the Rhythmizer (pattern-based level modulation) plus the Leslie and delay effects. There is only one type of reverb, with limited control, though this is made up for with the Luminance control that applies different design impulse responses to good effect.

The Interface colours make text a little tricky to read at times, and it would have been nice to have had the mod-wheel pre-wired to add vibrato, but this remains a great-value, yet high-quality, instrument capable of some great tones.