Is the Zoom MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp 2024's compact multi-effects pedal bargain? 149 reverb, delay and modulation effects suggest it might be

Zoom MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp
(Image credit: Zoom)

Zoom's MultiStomp series of pedals has been out there defining compact, feature-filled value for a while now. No, they're not multi-effects pedals for the corksniffing crowd by those that know, well they reap the benefits of some seriously impressive sounds.  Those savvy players will rejoice then because Zoom as a new one – the third-generation modulation-focussed Zoom MS-70CDR+, and it's the follow-up to the original decade-old MS-70CDR.

Zoom does not mess about when it comes to packing algorithms into these things; the stereo, MIDI-enabled MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp has 149 at launch, encompassing chorus, delay, and reverb.

There's now a colour LCD screen that changes according to the type of effect players selected. And there are a lot to explore; 43 different chorus and modulation effects including phasing, flanging, tremolo, vibrato, detuning, and pitch shifting.

On the delay side there are 29 mono and stereo choices (there are 58 stereo effects in total), with delay times of up to 4 seconds and covering self-oscillating to multi-tap and classic sounds. For reverb there are 33; going from the expected plate, hall and spring sounds to the more ambient algorithms we've seen on previous Multi-Stomps. 

In addition, there are 44 'dynamics' and filters to enhance these previous effects and even the other pedals on your 'board with, via the EQs, compression and noise reduction options here.

Zoom MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp

(Image credit: Zoom)

You can use up to six effects simultaneously and 100 patch slots are available with 80 factory presets to explore out of the box. patches as inspiration to get you started.  

Zoom is a big fan of using cross-key navigation on its multi-effects and its metal-chassis MS-70CDR+ is no exception. These are designed with foot control in mind and enable players to change patches and effects without reaching down.  

The MS-70CDR+ runs on 2 AA batteries, USB power or AC power and features an onboard chromatic tuner. Players can also further explore sounds with Zoom's forthcoming Handy Guitar Lab app for iOS – no Android plans presently which is a real shame but hopefully that will change.  

The Zoom MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp is expected in May 2024, priced at £145/€169. Pre-order now from Sweetwater and Thomann.

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