Join Zakk Wylde’s Berzerker Guitar Camp and he’ll teach you how to play guitar just like him

Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp
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Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat wondering how you could ever master the superhuman picking patterns and pinch squeals of Zakk Wylde? How you might harness the the power of an electric guitar with a vertigo-inducing finish to nail Wylde’s solo to Ozzy Osbourne classic cut No More Tears

Well, help is at hand, and from the man himself, as the Black Label Society main man has hooked up with Riffhard for the Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp – an online guitar lessons platform that takes a deep dive into Wylde’s back catalogue to offer lessons in how to master his style and tone.

“We’re gonna be coverin’ scales, chords, songs,” says Wylde. And, it seems, tracks from all periods in the hirsute berzerker’s career, including Pride & Glory tracks such as Losin’ Your Mind and Ozzy’s Mama I’m Coming Home, to Black Label Society face-rippers Stillborn and Suicide Messiah.

The course comprises over 12 hours of educational content spread over 90 videos, demonstrating how to master Wylde’s approach to bending and vibrato, harmonics, chicken pickin’, scales and arpeggios. There are a sample lessons in pinch harmonics and the No More Tears solo on the website, where you can order the lessons bundle.

Riffhard brands itself as “the world’s best online school for metal guitarists” and lists the likes of Tom Quayle, Spiritbox’s Mike Stringer and former Cradle Of Filth guitarist Richard Shaw among its instructors.

The video lessons are offered with or without complementary backing tracks, with tab published in PDF and Guitar Pro formats. 

Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp

(Image credit: Riffhard)

And there are rewards for excellence, with Riffworks hosting a competition to see whose performance of the Stillborn solo is the best. 

Prizes include one of Wylde’s Doom Crew signature guitars, signed by the man himself, plus Zakk Wydle signature EMG electric guitar pickups, again, signed by Wylde, a Positive Grid Spark Mini guitar amp with custom grille cloth, and Death Wish coffee to aid late night practice. 

All entrants receiving a Positive Grid Bias FX 2 plugin for taking part.

Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp

(Image credit: Riffhard)

The Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp can be accessed on phone, tablet or computer, is for beginner guitar players and experts, and is priced $79 for lifetime access to the lessons.

Head over to Riffhard for more information

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