You haven’t got long to make the Tinami MD-1 customisable MIDI controller a reality

The Tinami MD-1 is a customisable MIDI controller intended to extend your current setup and has limited time left on Kickstarter to reach its €35,000 goal.

The product is designed to give users the choice to create a controller that works for them, be it all with knobs, or knobs and faders, or even knobs and buttons.

Pledges for the MD-1 start at €5 to have your name mentioned on the website, rising to €25 for a t-shirt. However, it's at €200 where the fun begins, which will secure you a MD-1 with knobs and buttons, with two skins for customisation. €250 will get you the knobs, button, and faders version and includes the two skins.

Further pledging options include multiple MD-1s with extra gifts, with the top option being two MD-1 (fader version) and a t-shirt all for €500.

Scroll down for the specs and more demos showcasing the MD-1 controller.

Time is running out with only a couple of days left of the campaign, so if you want t get involved, we suggest you head on over to the Tinami MD-1 Kickstarter page now.

Tinami MD-1 features

  • 16 components MIDI controller
  • Custom components: knobs, buttons or faders
  • 16 memory presets for MIDI configurations
  • Function buttons for shortcut access to presets and device global MIDI channel
  • MD-1 Blueprint MIDI editor software: Note Number, CC, Sysex & NRPN compatible
  • Parameter value instrument block: to avoid value jumps with potentiometers when changing presets or loading new sets
  • MIDI DIN In and Out
  • USB type B connector
  • 12v DC power connector for computer-less setups
  • Sturdy metal case and wood panels
  • Portable: 15.7cm x 15.2cm x 4.5cm / 870g
Simon Arblaster
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