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Yellowcake Pedals unveil the mind-expanding Psychotropia

(Image credit: Yellowcake Peals)

Yellowcake Pedals’ Psychotropia is a transformative sample/hold filter stompbox for adding some disco funk to your tone, pitching you headlong into off-grid, experimental prog, or for simply inspiring the odd flashback with the sci-fi weirdness at its outer limits. 

The Psychotropia allows users to select between three modes that select between rising, rising and falling, and falling waveforms, with the glide control for adjusting just how intense you want these. 

Users can toggle between the hard-edge, square linear waves and softer-edged logarithmic patterns, while there is a hi/low EQ cut for further tone-shaping. 

A tap tempo function allows you to bypass the rate control so you can change the effect’s tempo mid-song. 

The Psychotronic retails at $229 and can be ordered here


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