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Will we see some new affordable combo amps from Aguilar Amplification soon?

New York-based Aguilar Amplification is a company that has always prided itself on creating the tools for bassists to make music, without any unnecessary distractions. Great tone is and has always been the aim of the game.

With what started out as a company making bass preamps, you can find Aguilar’s heads, cabs, pedals, preamps and pickups all over the globe being used by the likes of John Patitucci, Divinity Roxx, Adam Clayton, Camilla Charlesworth, George Porter Jr, Rhonda Smith, Thundercat, to name but a few.

We recently sat down with Aguilar President, Dave Boonshoft, to talk about the company’s beginnings and where it’s heading as we embark on a new decade. While it won’t be going down the modelling route anytime soon, it looks like the company is cooking up something at the more affordable, combo-end of the market.

If you want to find out more about the products currently available, check out the Aguilar Amplification website now.