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Will Pick Slinger mean an end to lost plectrums?

If you're a chronic loser of picks, you might just be interested in the Pick Slinger, a plectrum you wear like a ring that allows you to sling a pick in and out of your grip.

That means there's no danger of dropping your precious plec when you reach over to grab a drink/tweak pedal settings/shake your fist at the drummer.

From a playing perspective, we can certainly see the accessory being useful for switching between fingerpicking and strumming, but the Pick Slinger gang reckon it will allow you to “strum, tap, slap or fingerpick faster than ever before”.

If you're intrigued enough to investigate further, Pick Slinger is available to buy from the company's website.

Another accessory purported to aid picking is the trigger-shaped Pykmax, while Ernie Ball's Pick Buddy also claims to limit the loss of picks.