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West Co Pedals debuts Curt Bisquera’s Grease Juicer fuzz/envelope filter pedal

California’s West Co Pedals has announced the Grease Juicer fuzz/envelope filter pedal, a signature pedal for legendary session drummer Curk Bisquera.

Aside from being the first signature pedal for a drummer that we can recall, the Grease Juicer is notable for its all-analogue signal path, which combines fuzz and an envelope filter with a sidechain.

The footswitchable Grease fuzz runs in front of the envelope filter, with controls Sense (sensitivity), Juice (resonance), Volume, Sizzle (gating) and Grease (distortion).

Two versions of the pedal are available, voiced for guitar and bass respectively, but West Co touts their use on synths, electric piano and clavinet.

The Grease Juicer is available now for $329 from West Co Pedals.

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