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Welcome to Recording Week

The advantages of doing everything in-the-box when you’re making music are well-documented, but at some point on your music production journey - perhaps even right at the start of it - it’s almost inevitable that you’ll want to capture sounds that are generated outside of your computer. This might be a vocal, guitar part, bassline, sample or drum kit, or maybe even a whole band.

At this point, you’ll be saying hello to the wonderful world of digital recording. It’s possible to get great results in your home studio, but equally, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up with a recording that’s only good for your trash folder.

Fortunately, we’re pushing the big red button on MusicRadar’s Recording Week, which features a selection of tutorials and gear guides that will give you all the knowledge you require.

Here’s what we’ve committed to tape so far - keep checking back for new articles throughout the week...

Recording week articles

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