Watch the incredible Nathaniel Murphy play U2's With Or Without You on a Mosrite double-neck guitar (with some help from a colleague)

Chicago Music Exchange
(Image credit: Chicago Music Exchange / YouTube)

Irish-born and Manchester-raised Nathaniel Murphy now works at Chicago Music Exchange – one of the world's greatest guitar stores. But he also happens to be one of the most talented guitarists we've heard – his clips on Instagram consistently prove his uniquely dazzling sense of musicality. So when we see another instrumental cover he's taken on, we click – and if it's on a double-neck Mosrite electric guitar? We click even faster.

Six-string and bass, this is the perfect steed to ride into U2's classic With Or Without You. And Nathaniel is gifted, but surely noone can play the bassline to that song at the same as a guitar instrumental, so his Chicago Music Exchange colleague Gus helps out.  

Check out more from Nathaniel at his Instagram and find out more about his story in the Dipped In Tone podcast interview below. 

Rob Laing
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