Watch Mike Portnoy play along to The Winery Dogs, Xanadu with drum cam footage

The Winery Dogs - the power trio comprising Mike Portnoy, Ritchie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan - returned to action this week with a brand new single, Xanadu, and now, Mike Portnoy has uploaded footage of himself playing along to the track on his YouTube channel.

Shot in Mike’s home practice room, the video gives us a close-up shot of his playing on the up-tempo, bluesy funk-rocker, but we get additional footage of Mike performing his backing vocals too.

The description adds some trivia regarding the chorus lyrics, where Portnoy explains that when he recorded his backing vocals, Ritchie Kotzen hadn’t sent him the lyrics so he’s singing “Maybe I’m Justin”, having misheard the song’s actual line, “Maybe I’m jesting”.

Earlier this week, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled “F****n Hell! This is RIDICULOUS!!” where he revealed that he hadn’t heard The Winery Dogs until now, and shared his thoughts on Xanadu, also picking up on the “Maybe I’m Justin” line.

The Winery Dogs will release their third album, III in February 2023, with UK tour dates set throughout the year. For more information, click here

Stuart Williams

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