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Watch Martin’s meticulous repair of John Mayer’s OM-28JM acoustic

There’s something gentle and therapeutic about watching video footage of a beautiful instrument receiving a makeover, and Martin’s video of their custom shop restoration of John Mayer’s OM-28JM acoustic guitar is a classic of the genre.

The sense of calm exuded by the Martin luthier's is Attenborough-esque.

Sigh as the bridge is removed and cleaned up. Purr approvingly as the frets are pulled from the fingerboard and the African blackwood is given a gentle sanding before new frets are fitted and dressed . . . Silently cheer when the instrument is restrung and brought back up to concert pitch.

The Martin OM-28JM is surely deserving of such attention to detail. First built towards the tail-end of 2003, with a strictly limited run of 404 instruments, it is a collector’s item rarely seen in the wild outside of John Mayer shows. 

Featuring a solid Engelmann spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides, with herringbone binding, a mahogany neck and Sterling silver binding on the headstock and bridge, the OM-28JM is a stunning guitar. 

Luckily you can still pick up the OMJM John Mayer signature acoustic. It might lack the Sterling silver and a few other details but it is nonetheless an immaculate Orchestra Model from Martin – and priced accordingly.

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