Washburn unveils a classy yet affordable acoustic line, the Deep Forest Ebony Collection

Washburn Deep Forest series
(Image credit: Washburn)

Washburn's new Deep Forest series of acoustic guitars offers plenty of change from 500 bucks and yet something different for the budget instrument by way of attractively marked striped-ebony top.

This dark, tiger-striped top is complemented by laminated okoume on the back and sides, finished in black with a high-contrast back stripe, subtle binding and a pearloid rosette around the soundhole.

There are three guitars in the Deep Forest series: the Ebony ACE auditorium cutaway, the small-bodied Ebony FE, and the dreadnought-shaped Ebony D. All three share similar builds, with the Ebony ACE and FE fitted with Barcus Berry LX4 active electronics.

The LX4 pickup and preamp system is mounted on the instrument's shoulder and features a 4-band EQ, notch and volume controls, plus the ever-welcome digital tuner.

Washburn says the tonewoods make for a deep and warm sound, with the scooped tone profile of the striped ebony not unlike rosewood, and pairing nicely with the richness of the okoume.

The necks are made from mahogany, with fingerboards and bridges comprising engineered composite wood with dot inlays. All three guitars in the series come fitted with die-cast tuners, with cases sold separately.

Street prices are as follows: Ebony ACE $299, Ebony FE $269 and Ebony D $229. See Washburn for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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