Brian Wampler gave us one of the best Klone pedals ever and now he's turned his attention to the Tube Screamer with the Moxie

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Brian Wampler keeps delivering; his distinct takes on legendary circuits alongside his own unique designs are a gift to the guitar world. Take the little Tumnus, one of the greatest Klon-inspired pedals ever (with a Deluxe version taking the concept even further) and bringing top quality within the budgets of more players. Now with the Moxie he's set his sights on the Ibanez Tube Screamer; namely the TS-10 circuit. The versions of the green machine that was beloved by SRV and then John Mayer.

It's another mini-sized overdrive pedal, giving us even less excuses to fit it on our pedalboards. But Brian's take on it goes further than sizing down; he's added to the familiar Volume, Gain and Tone controls with two additional switches. 

There's no shortage of Tube Screamer-influenced pedals out there so the Wampler take has ace cards to play with the Voice and Fat switches. Voice adds clarity by changing the entire EQ associated with this design giving it a more transparent tone.

The Fat switch incorporates Wampler's custom MOSFET clipping stage, that aims for a classic high-end boutique amp. The potential here is serious versatility and we can't wait to try one and figure out how we're going to squeeze it in next to our Tumnus. 

The Moxie is $149.99 / £149. More info at Wampler Pedals.

Order the Moxie now at Sweetwater in the US, Andertons in the UK and Thomann in Europe. 

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