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Walrus Audio upgrades Luminary Octave Generator pedal to V2 specs

Oklahoma’s Walrus Audio has issued a series of tweaks to its Luminary Octave Generator - enough to warrant a V2 tag.

Key updates to the polyphonic octaver include a tremolo effect on the flutter knob and Smart Momentary Bypassing, which allows players to change between latching and momentary switching depending on how long they hold their foot on the switch.

Other changes include refined octave volume knobs, lengthened attack time and a revised envelope low-pass filter.

Elsewhere, the pedal retains its four octave voices, based on the Analog Devices SHARC platform, with three presets and the option of expression control.

The Luminary V2 is available for $319 from 24 April. Walrus Audio has more info.

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