Walrus Audio promises "symphonic gusts of sound" from Luminary Quad Octave Generator guitar effects pedal

For its latest stompbox, Walrus Audio has pointed its toneful tusks towards polyphonic pitch-shifting with the Luminary Quad Octave Generator.

A quad-octave generator powered by the Analog Devices SHARC platform, the Luminary offers four separate octaves - -2, -1, +1 and +2 - all with "crystal clear and immediate" polyphonic tracking for creating "inspiring symphonic gusts of sound".

Three presets are on hand for saving sounds, as well as a live mode, allowing for instant access to four settings, while expression control is also available.

The pedal's four octaves are controllable via a dry/wet mix; attack, which adjusts octave bloom time; filter, for activating a low-pass filter; and flutter, which adds a chorus effect to the octave signal.

Walrus Audio's Luminary Quad Octave Generator can be powered by a 9V power supply, and is available to preorder from Walrus Audio. The pedal is officially available from 18 April.