Waldorf is “working under pressure” as it teases what looks like a new keyboard

Waldorf keyboard teaser
(Image credit: Waldorf)

Synth manufacturer Waldorf has kicked off a teaser campaign for something by placing the words “Working. Under. Pressure” on top of what we’re assuming is a new keyboard of some sort. This image has been released on the company’s social media platforms.

That’s all we’ve got in terms of detail, but the presence of the word ‘pressure’ is bound to lead to speculation that we could be looking at some kind of expressive keyboard, possibly compatible with MPE and offering polyphonic aftertouch.

This is something that’s already been explored by ASM with its Hydrasynth, and as owners of that instrument have discovered, there are certainly benefits to being able to apply modulation to specific notes when you’re playing.

Waldorf’s most recent release was the wavetablely M synth, and it’s also won praise over the past couple of years for its Quantum and Iridium instruments.

It remains to be seen when we’ll find out what the company is giving us next. Superbooth 22 is a possible launch platform, though that show has been confirmed for 12 to 14 May, which is still quite a way off. Would Waldorf really want to sustain a teaser campaign for that long?

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the Waldorf website for more.

Ben Rogerson

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