Wait, is the new Squier Strat-O-Sonic guitar fitted with an Epiphone wrap-over bridge?

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Fender doesn't really need to make wrap-around bridges for its electric guitars – they're an anomaly on its models, which makes the new Paranormal Series Squier Strat-O-Sonic such an unusual release. Now even more so: YouTuber Landon Bailey discovered the bridge on his is actually made by Epiphone

Mind. Blown.

Who knew? The big reveal comes at around the 4.40 minute mark in the video above. But as surprising as it seems, Fender has to get compensated wrap-around bridge stock from somewhere and why not try a reliable quality source like Epiphone. We're all in favour of crossovers here! 

At it stands, the bridge is just one of a number of features that makes this guitar such an unusual entry in the Squier catalogue.

Landon Bailey

A still from YouTuber Landon Bailey's video with him showing the underside to the Squier Strat-O-Sonic's wrap-over bridge… with an Epiphone logo!  (Image credit: Landon Bailey / YouTube)

It's a comeback of sorts of a cult HH Fender model from 2005 that really does come across as a Strat-meets-Gibson (Les Paul Special) in some ways (a marriage of the guitar giants that Landon alludes to in his video): the bridge, Soapbar P-90-style pickups and LP-style 24.75"  scale length rather than the traditional Strat 25.5". That'll make so slinky bends and should also improve resonance. But there's added bonuses to this guitar that even the initial info we saw didn't mention. 

The master volume and tone controls are push/pull: what's going on? Versatility that's what! One selects between series and parrallel wiring modes, and the other switches the pickups out of phase. That's two distinct bonus modes. Bravo Squier!

Landon even notes the laurel fingerboard edges are slightly rolled, which is a surprising premium touch. Squier could be giving Fender's Mexican factory a run for their money here. 

Check out the Squier Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic (available in Vintage Blonde) at Andertons, Sweetwater and Thomann.  Subscribe to Landon Bailey's YouTube here

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