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Vox releases the Mini Superbeetle in limited edition British Racing Green

(Image credit: Vox Amps)

One of the most fun guitar amps in recent years has been given a limited edition makeover, as Vox's Mini Superbeetle gets decked-out in British Racing Green.

The amp itself was introduced at Summer NAMM 2018 and is based on the Vox stacks used live by the Beatles – hence the name – once their popularity had seen them take to ever bigger stages, but is scaled down to fit neatly in your bedroom, or on the small stage of your local. But there is plenty of sparkly crunch and jangly chime within.

The Mini Superbeetle's vintage vibe belies a whole host of modern features, most notably the Nutube technology which uses a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) valve that recreates the sound of a vacuum tube without any of its foibles and drives the onboard tremolo. There is also digital spring reverb and a "flat/deep" EQ switch.

This British Racing Green model follows the Mini Superbeetle with Union Jack speaker cloth, and takes its inspiration from the colour used by British race cars back in the day. 

Numbers are limited. The price is £380 ($469, €425 approx)

See Vox for more details.

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