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Decades ago, professional music was create in high-end studios crammed full of expensive music-making gear, but these restrictions are now but a distant memory – all those classic electronic instruments and processors can be had in software form for a fraction of the original cost. And what’s even more exciting is that we can go beyond nostalgia and marry those retro sonics with the sounds of the future!

But to keep music moving forward, you need a solid understanding of what came before, which is why Computer Music issue 262’s cover feature is half history lesson, half technique. From tape echo and digital reverb to classic pitchshifting and far beyond, we’ll take you through the iconic sonics of old-school gear, and show you how to achieve those sounds in your DAW using commonly available virtual emulations.

In this huge feature and its accompanying videos, you’ll discover how to emulate the following effects in software:

  • Tape echo
  • Classic digital delay
  • Old-school chorus
  • Vintage plate and digital reverb 
  • Famous phasers 
  • Hardware tape flanging
  • Classic 80s pitchshifting
  • Analogue filters
  • Tape and cassette
  • Sonic enhancers

Watch one of the videos from the feature, and get the rest with CM262.


FREE VST/AU preamp plugin: Inferno CM

This month’s exclusive CM Plugin, created by Shattered Glass Audio, is a an analogue distortion effect offering two circuit-modelled preamps, complete with high- and low-pass filters and a Mix control for parallel processing. 

Whether you want to add presence to a vocal, imbue a drum loop with grit and power, or even work analogue vibe into a full mix, Inferno CM is easy to use – and sounds fantastic!

Find out how to use Inferno CM in the video below, and buy CM issue 262 to download the plugin in VST and AU formats for PC and Mac. 



It's the ultimate genre soundclash, as reggae and hip-hop come together in this exclusive collaborative session.

Fusing the hip-hop production sensibilities of veteran DJ/producer duo The Nextmen with the reggae stylings of two-piece band Gentleman’s Dub Club, the infectious, horn-drenched rap-infused Rudeboy was one of this summer’s standout tracks, and the perfect taster for the impromptu collective’s equally brilliant collaboration album, Pound For Pound.

This month’s Producer Masterclass sees GDC’s Toby Stevens join Dom Search and Brad Baloo from The Nextmen, as they break down the creation of Rudeboy. Watch the first half of the video below, and access the full video with Computer Music issue 262.



This issue’s royalty-free sample packs are…

  • RADIOSONICS – an exclusive pack of sounds inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – vintage oscillators, signal tones, tape-spliced sounds, radio static and more
  • LOOPMASTERS CM262 – choice cuts from the soundware big-boys


  • An exclusive interview with electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre
  • Go back to the old skool and design iconic dance sounds from scratch in our RAVE SOUND DESIGN tutorial feature
  • We sign up and put four options to the test in our SAMPLE SUBSCRIPTIONS roundup
  • Music theory expert Dave Clews explores JAZZ SCALES
  • Dr Beat rams drums through analogue-style distortion
  • Pro producer Ed:it gets creative with delay effects
  • 23 reviews of the latest music-making software including FXpansion Cypher2, u-he Colour Copy, Waves Abbey Road Chambers, eaReckon EARevolve, Nektar Pacer and more


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Digital editions include all extra content, now available via FileSilo (see page 5 in the mag)

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