Universal Audio returns to its past pedal success for the UAFX Teletronix LA-2A Studio Compressor, Flow Vintage Tremolo and Brigade Chorus and Vibrato

Universal Audio UAFX pedals
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Hot on the heels of the UAFX Lion '68 Super Lead Amp pedal and its first batch of compact effects, UA already has three more and again, they draw from sounds found on its larger UAFX pedal releases – in this case the Max Preamp & Dual Compressor and Astra Modulation Machine with the Teletronix LA-2A Studio Compressor, Flow Vintage Tremolo and Brigade Chorus and Vibrato.

Each features emulations of classic, prized hardware and effects. The Teletronix LA-2A speaks for itself as a recording industry standard and alternative compressor to the recent 1176 pedal release. The Flow Vintage Tremolo combines three voices from the UAFX Astra Modulation Machine: UA's Dharma harmonic tremolo that proves the company doesn't need to lean on past classics for great tones, 65 sine wave based on the Fender Deluxe Reverb (and also found in the Dream '65 amp pedal) and the choppy square wave tremolo of, um, Square.

Universal Audio UAFX Flow pedal

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A volume control allows for boost potential and there's an onboard tap tempo too. Players can choose between true and buffered bypass with an onboard switch.

The Brigade Chorus and Vibrato is based on one of the, for some the, best chorus pedals of them all; the Boss 1976 Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble. UA's emulation for the Astra is superb and we expect the same warmth here.

Players have the option of turning the emulated preamp on or off, along with true and buffered bypass. 

Universal Audio UAFX Brigade pedal

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All in all, based on how great the Astra sounds, these are sure to impress and are aiming to be options for those who don't want all the phaser and flanger sounds of the bigger pedal too, along with its stereo options. 

Universal Audio UAFX pedal LA-2A pedal

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The Teletronix LA-2A compression pedal emulates the optical tube compressor/limiter and is basically the UA plugin in a pedal. Unlike the parallel switch of the 1176 pedal, here there's a Mix control for dialling in the level of parallel compression to taste. There's also a switch to choose between stock and Fast Attack that's tailored more for guitar needs. 

All three pedals are $199 MAP each. More info at Universal Audio  and order at Sweetwaterand Andertons

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