Uli Behringer tackles 'the haters' head-on

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Uli Behringer, founder of controversial synth and audio firm Behringer, has taken to social media to issue a strident defence of the company's vision, strategy and what he considers to be its "two obligations - to relentlessly deliver what customers desire and to observe the law."

The facebook statement, addressed to 'some of the "haters"', tackles a number of issues head-on, and it seems Uli is tired of the endless controversy surrounding the firm's releases. Primarily, he comes out swinging on cloning classic synths and undercutting competitors.

Technology is free for everyone to use unless it’s protected.

Uli Behringer

"There is not one magazine, forum or thread where we don't get criticized or even attacked," the statement reads. "We understand that not everyone likes us or me and that's perfectly fine. 

"However, we also see constructive criticism which we truly welcome as it's a great opportunity for us to learn and improve,

"In our Vision, we only have two obligations - to relentlessly deliver what customers desire and to observe the law. We will always respect that people may have different opinions about what we should and shouldn’t do, however that’s not an area we will ever engage in.

"Technology is free for everyone to use unless it’s protected. That’s exactly the reason why the law was designed the way it is, so it encourages competition - all for the benefit of you the customers and for society to progress.

"We also understand that we’re controversial and we’re perfectly fine with it as we continue to relentlessly push the envelope, while also challenging our competitors to deliver better quality and lower prices. 

"Recently we see more and more competitors join us in our mission and we welcome everyone who believes in our Vision. We're happy to collaborate with and also acquire businesses.

"We’re immensely grateful for all the support we have been receiving over the past 30 years and hence our complete loyalty belongs to our customers.

We call it Customer Obsession. That’s why our team and I are here and listen to our customers.”

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