Two Notes Audio Engineering unveils tube-equipped ReVolt guitar and bass amp sim pedals

Two Notes Engineering Revolt Guitar
(Image credit: Two Notes Engineering)

Two Notes Audio Engineering has released the ReVolt series – a pair of tube-equipped bass and guitar amp simulators that present players with a multitude of rig-expanding options. 

The ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass are floor-based units with all-analogue signal paths, the dynamic warmth and tone magic of a 12AX7 preamp tube running internally at 200V, and three distinct channels apiece. 

The ReVolt Guitar presents American Clean tones inspired by a Fender Bassman 100, British Crunch inspired by Marshall JMP Superlead, with Modern Lead tones courtesy of an emulation of the latter-day classic Soldano SLO 100 head. There is also an integrated overdrive/boost circuit that can apply up to +20dB of boost to any of the three channels.

Bass players can avail themselves of tones modelled after an Ampeg SVT ’76 and a ’92 Marshall JMP Super Bass MkII on Classic Clean and Vintage Dirt channels, while the third channel is reserved for a custom Two Notes high-gain bass amp sound – described as “super-tight with an abundance of gain for a thick ‘gained-to-the-max’ tone. 

A Dry/Wet blend knob puts you in control over how much dirt you want in your signal, and will surely be invaluable for preserving low-end clarity.

On both pedals, each of the three channels has its own footswitch. The controls are amp-like. Channel 1 has a two-band EQ while Channels 2 and 3 share a three-band EQ. 

Of course there are a host of options when it comes to connecting the device. Fundamentally, the ReVolt pedals are designed to making going direct as simple and rewarding as can be. Both ship with a lifetime license to Two Notes’ Torpedo Wall Of Sound plugin (VST/AU/AAX) and 10 virtual cabinets worth $100 are included with each purchase. 

Alternatively, you can use the four-cable method to connect to your guitar or bass amp and effectively add three extra channels to your amplifier. The Hybrid method allows you to hook up the ReVolt to your amplifier’s FX return. 

The ReVolt pedals also come equipped with effects loops, MIDI connectivity, a balanced XLR out with ground-lift, auxiliary inputs and a mini-jack headphones output.

Expected to ship in September, priced £349 / €399 / $399, the ReVolt series will make its public debut at NAMM 2022. See Two Notes Audio Engineering for more details.

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