TrueFire wants to take online guitar lessons to the next level with new immersive Song Learning System

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Online guitar lessons platform TrueFire (opens in new tab) has launched an immersive new teaching programme to help guitar players master their favourite songs. TrueFire’s immersive Song Learning System looks to accelerate your learning and prepare you for live performances via an array of hands-on tools. 

All songs feature accurate guitar parts for both lead and rhythm, with practice sessions to help you drill down on those tricky figures that can take a little time to master. 

Full-band play-along tracks also include vocals, which can be invaluable for learning where your guitar should sit in a song, and there are easy versions to help beginners and intermediate players master the rudiments of a song before working towards the full version.

Brad Wendkos, the founder of TrueFire, said that song lessons were one of the most requested features from students using the online lessons platform.

“We were determined to create something new and completely unique,” said Wendkos, TrueFire. “Our new Song Learning System delivers on that promise, offering tools and features tailor-made to help guitarists of all skill levels learn their favorite songs while surrounding them with the highest quality backing tracks.”

The Song Learning System presents its lessons and Standard and Premium classes. In both, lessons are delivered with HD multi-angle video, backing tracks with vocals, rhythm and lead parts, an easy strum-along version of the song, with tab and notation synched to the video and looping/slow-motion modes. 

Stump up for Premium, however, and TrueFire gives you control over the mix, via a multi-track console that allows you to mute elements of the song, and really hone in on what you want to learn. You can also choose which video or audio tracks that you want to see onscreen. 

The Song Learning System is available now, and there is a massive song library to choose from. Head over to TrueFire (opens in new tab) for more information.


(Image credit: TrueFire)
Jonathan Horsley

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