Want to sound like Trevor Horn? Spitfire Audio's new Jupiter sample library can help

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of a new sample library developed in collaboration with legendary producer Trevor Horn.

Jupiter is a collection of sounds recorded and produced in Horn's studio and aimed at capturing the producer's signature style. Said to contain everything from "warm analogue textures to futuristic digital sounds", Jupiter is geared towards synthwave and electropop productions.

Jupiter's library is made up of five instruments. DRUMS is said to give you access to Horn's 'private sample archives' and contains vintage drum machines and tape-saturated percussion. 

BASS runs Horn's personal collection of bass guitars through the outboard in his studio, while SYNTHS offers a curated set of synth presets 'straight from Horn's archives'. PIANO samples a Bosendorfer Grand with a bright, poppy sound, and FX is made up of a selection of stingers for snappy transitions.

The library runs in Spitfire's SOLAR plugin, which provides plenty of options for manipulating Jupiter's sounds. Jupiter's 300+ presets can be blended together, pitch-shifted, filtered using SOLAR's hi-pass and lo-pass filters, and shaped using onboard ADSR envelopes. 

The samples that make up Jupiter can be used dry or processed through four additional effects in Horn's studio; these include 'period' reverb (including an '80s-style gated reverb effect), bitcrusher, tape saturation and 'vintage' modulation. 

Trevor Horn was one of the most influential pop producers of the '80s, working with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, Seal, Paul McCartney and Yes, among others. Horn was also a member of The Buggles, a group that hit No 1 in the UK in 1979 with Video Killed The Radio Star.

Jupiter's RRP is £99/$129/€115, but if you pre-order before the release date of August 17th, you'll be able to take advantage of a reduced price of £79/$99.33/€88.55.

Find out more on Spitifire Audio's website.

trevor horn spitfire audio jupiter

(Image credit: Spitfire Audio)

trevor horn spitfire audio jupiter

(Image credit: Spitfire Audio)

trevor horn spitfire audio jupiter

(Image credit: Spitfire Audio)
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