Nine-year-old guitarist Maya Neelakantan covers 15 Tool songs in a medley on the signature Les Paul Adam Jones gifted her

Maya Neelakantan
(Image credit: Maya Neelakantan / YouTube)

A guitarist who loves to play Tool songs, a medley of clean riffs from 15 of their songs and an Adam Jones signature Les Paul – what's not to love here?

Nine-year-old Tool fan Maya Neelakantan is putting the Les Paul that the band's guitarist Adam Jones gifted her earlier this year to good use here with a medley of the clean parts from 15 Tool songs.

"I have put together 15 Tool songs and made it into one BIG song!" she writes on YouTube. "It took a lot of time and process to come up with this and I am very happy with the final result! 

"First I started thinking about all the cool clean sections played by Adam Jones. When I am playing some parts, my brain starts to connect that to a completely different part in another song. I followed this thought and gradually assembled together what is now a Mashup of 15 different Tool Songs!

"What I like the most in this is how each song connects nicely to the next one and it's not random! This is a completely thought out video and I had such a blast with it!"

Maya already has form for her Tool covers that caught the ear of Jones - earlier this year she took on Fear inoculum 's 19-minute opus 7empest. An impressive feat from any player, incredible at Maya's young age! 

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