Nine-year-old Tool fan covers their 15-minute epic 7empest on guitar

Maya Neelakantan has just got an Epiphone Les Paul guitar for her ninth birthday, and the first song she's learned to play on it just happens to be Tool's 15-minute-plus track 7empest. 

This is a difficult one even for Tool covers bands, so it's mind-blowing to see this. Maya uses a Line 6 POD Go for the tones and just seems to take on the song's myriad changes with ease, and a smile.

"If you are still watching this video, you must definitely be a Tool fan," laughs Maya at the end of the video, "only they will sit for 15-minutes and listen to a whole song."

She's a serious talent. We're hoping Adam Jones is watching! 

Check out more of Maya's playing on her YouTube channel. She's already covered Tool's Descending too…

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Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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