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Tone City has released an overdrive pedal with Greg Koch and it's cheap!

We've been impressed with the overdrive pedals we've tried from Tone City – including the boutique-esque bargain King Of Blues and Golden Plexi. So imagine our delight at the news Greg Koch has worked on a new overdrive with the company. And it's affordable!

The Lil' Heat uses Tone City's Sweet Cream overdrive as a blueprint – think low to medium drive. But Tone City is packing the Lil' Heat with added gain and low end girth as requested by Koch. 

(Image credit: Tone City / Andertons )

He explains it all in the video above – with some of his trademark superlative playing to demo its capabilities. 

Of course the best news of all is it's affordable at £44.99 and Andertons are stocking it right now over at