Today in extreme metal bass tone: Watch Strigoi bassist Chris Casket's guide to his pedalboard

Strigoi is a new project that sees Paradise Lost's Gregor Mackintosh team up with former Extreme Noise Terror guitarist Chris Casket on bass to pursue new avenues in raw death-doom metal. 

Mackintosh formed Strigoi in September 2018 after his Vallenfyre project had ran its course, and their debut album, Abandon All Faith, sees Mackintosh apply his trademark melodic sensibility to otherwise oppressive arrangements. 

If Strigoi are removed from the more stately brand of Paradise Lost's audio misery, rawer and more punk-instinctive, with a crusty grindcore vibe adding a sense of chaos to the mix, at least these both bands exist on the same emotional plane.

Abandon All Faith is scheduled for release on 22 November through Nuclear Blast. It's sure to be of interest to anyone who likes their extreme metal uncooked and bleak. Hey, who doesn't?

Check out Phantoms below, which is taken from the forthcoming album, and then check in on Casket's pedalboard tour above. Any bassist looking to operate in extreme metal will take something from it. 

  • Preorder Abandon All Faith here.
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Jonathan Horsley

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