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Tiptop Audio adds Miso to your Eurorack modular utility belt

Tiptop Audio has released it’s latest utility module, Miso, which stands for Mix, Invert, Scale and Offset - pretty much summing-up what this Eurorack module is capable of.

Divided into two separate, yet identical, sections; 1/2 IN and A/B IN, Miso can be used to mix signals, invert polarity/shape, scale magnitude and offset voltage. These functions can then be used independently, or simultaneously, with the total shape summed to the mix output.

In the middle of it all is a voltage-controlled crossfader, so you can mix between both the upper and lower sections.

What makes Miso so useful is the creative and experimental results that can breathe new life into any module. Patch in LFOs, envelopes, sequences and so much more to create even more complex results.

Miso is a snip at just $99/£90/€104 and you can find out more about the module on the Tiptop Audio website.

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