This website will generate free DX7 synth presets with a single click

This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist
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Whether or not you agree that Yamaha’s DX7 was difficult to program - and that the FM synthesis that it uses can be hard to get your head around - it’s certainly not as user-friendly as some electronic instruments. So, Nintorac Audio has created This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist, a website that will generate compatible presets for free.

We’re told that the site uses specially-trained AI to create its patches, distilling the DX7’s 155 parameters down to just eight. A machine learning model sets these randomly and then maps them back to the aforementioned 155 parameters, leaving you with a collection of unique patches that can be loaded not only into the DX7, but also other compatible hardware and software such as the free (and rather excellent) Dexed plugin synth.

The machine learning model was trained using the large selection of DX7 presets compiled by Bobby Blue, and it’s likely that each cartridge created will be unique. Not every preset will be to your taste, obviously, but you might find some gold in there, too.

Head on over to the This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist website to find out more.

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