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This madcap guitarist 3D-printed his way to a 38-fret guitar

For guitarists who really don’t want to use octave pedals but still have a strange desire to reach those dog-whistle pitches, Said Too Much Productions has the answer: 3D-print a 38-fret fingerboard.

Having previously made baritone and alto designs (the latter tuned one fourth higher), Kevin from Said Too Much wanted to take things one step further and build a ‘soprano’ electric guitar, to see if he can hit the C8 right at the top end of a piano.

After realising he would run into difficulties employing ultra-low-gauge strings, his solution involved removing the neck and middle pickups of his existing alto axe, and fitting a removable PLA plastic fretboard.

The good news is that the fretboard actually works, even if it’s only possible to fret the crazy-high numbers using a thumbnail or another pick - and it certainly doesn’t look as comfortable as a traditional nickel or stainless steel setup.

Jury’s out over whether it’s actually listenable, though...

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