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These PowerWire active guitar cables feature built-in preamps

R&M Tone Technology has launched a new line of PowerWire active guitar cables, which feature an internal analogue preamp to “improve signal quality and reduce noise”.

Similar to utilising active pickups, PowerWire cables run from a 9V battery, and offer increased frequency response that can retain signal at cable lengths of up to 100 feet.

Four cables are available: Clean Boost CB6, with 6dB gain boost; Clean Boost CB0, with 0dB gain boost for higher-output guitars; Super Sizzle, with sub-harmonic bass boost for guitar and bass; plus Dynamic Distortion TS09, which delivers a distortion effect and can be controlled via the guitar's volume knob.

PowerWire features include:

  • Active guitar cable with patented U.S. made R&M circuitry
  • Clean flat boost from 20 Hz to 20 KHz w/0.5db flatness across spectrum, an industry first
  • Proven signal strength and spectrum retention even at cable lengths of up to 100 feet
  • Battery-powered preamp built into the jack
  • Reduced noise and increased signal quality across the frequency spectrum
  • Makes passive, ordinary cables sound dull in comparison
  • Has the effect of adding active pickups to any guitar connected with PowerWire

PowerWire guitar cables are currently available for $99 from R&M Tone Technology.

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