"There's no dead spots on these guitars, they ring out everywhere you play them" – Tom Bukovac + a '58 'Burst in his favourite studio is making us want a Les Paul

Tom Bukovac
(Image credit: Inside Blackbird)

For as long as Tom Bukovac wants to talk and jam, we'll be happy to shout about him – few guitarists out there are as articulate in their playing as this Nashville session icon, but he has real wisdom to share alongside a great sense of humour. And today school is in session for a vintage Les Paul class.

Here he takes a break from his own YouTube output in between session work to visit his favourite studio – room A at Nashville's Blackbird – as taster of the studio's new Inside Blackbird subscription service that launched on 3 May. And it's an instruction into just how versatile a Les Paul can get. Especially a beautiful '58 example.

"There's no dead spots on these guitars, they ring out everywhere you play them," Tom notes. Here demonstrates the classic full-bore bridge pickup sound and, to be honest, that might be enough to make most of us want one. 

For more, head to insideblackbird.com 

Rob Laing
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